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Meghalaya COVID-19 Cases

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2021-01-16: Chief Minister, Dr. Conrad K. Sangma launched the Largest Vaccine Drive during his visit to NEIGRIHMS Hospital Shillong

2021-01-12: Exemption of Foreign Dignitaries, Union Ministers, Government Officials and others authorized by the State Government from COVID-19 testing and quarantine

2020-12-31: Advisory for General Public on New Year's Eve

2020-12-23: Press Release on SARS-CoV-2

2020-12-07: SOP for Reopening of the State for Tourism

2020-10-28: Order - Policy of Paid Testing

2020-10-28: Protocol for the disposal of dead bodies of COVID-19

2020-10-27: Revised Protocol for Testing and Discharge in COVID-19 Cases

2020-10-23: Addendum On Health Protocol Post Relaxation of the Lockdown for Entry into Meghalaya

2020-10-19: Exemption from Payment for COVID 19 testing at entry point

2020-10-16: Resumption of training by Private Skill Training Providers

2020-10-16: Reopening of border haats and markets on the national highways

2020-10-16: Protocol for Exemption of Testing of Entrants to Meghalaya

2020-10-15: Notification on School Re-opening, 15th October

2020-10-12: ADDENDUM on Health Protocol Post Relaxation of the Lockdown for Entry into Meghalaya

2020-10-09: SoP for Puja 2020 Celebrations

2020-10-07: Reopening of Tourist Places

2020-10-06: Press Release on mechanism for testing and isolation

2020-10-06: Notification - Policy of Testing on Payment and Paid Isolation

2020-09-30: Protocol for conduct of Wedding Events during COVID-19 Pandemic

2020-09-30: Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19

2020-09-30: MHA Order Dt. 30.9.2020 on guidelines for re-opening

2020-09-25: SoP Religious Place

2020-09-25: Helicopter Services

2020-09-24: Guidelines for Testing, Quarantine and Discharge of asymptomatic high risk Government functionaries after undergoing 7 (seven) days of Quarantine

2020-09-23: Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19

2020-09-22: Guidelines protocols for returnees entrants to the State

2020-09-21: The Positive Psychology Protocol for COVID-19

2020-09-17: Notification on School Re-opening

2020-09-17: Guidelines for Government Establishment in the Management of COVID-19 Cases

2020-09-07: Protocol for opening of Dhabas/Tea Stalls along the National Highway in Meghalaya

2020-09-07: Reopening of Food Outlets/Dhabas/Tea Stalls located on the highway

2020-08-28: Reopening of Ward's Lake and Elephant Falls

2020-08-25: Inter District Movement

2020-08-21: Notification - Testing, Quarantine & Discharge Policy for COVID19

2020-08-21: Closing of Entry Gates 1-7 Sept 2020

2020-08-17: SOP for operations of Cyber Cafe in the State

2020-08-14: Gyms, Cybers and Games Permission

2020-08-05: Declaration of containment area in the District

2020-08-04: Order - SOP for Micro Containment Zones

2020-07-30: Protocol for Rapid Antigen Testing for antigen testing for COVID-19 in Meghalaya

2020-07-29: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for people entering Meghalaya

2020-07-28: Protocol for Testing and Quarantine of Exposed Individuals who come in Contact with a COVID-19 positive person

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