Skill Labourers Registration (For Contractors / Employers)

Important Points

• This application form is to be filled by Contractors / Employers engaging Skilled/Highly Skilled workers from outside the State duly recommended by the Administrative Department for approval of the respective DCs.

• Under this category, the Skilled/Highly Skilled workers does not need to undergo paid quarantine. The employer shall make suitable quarantine arrangements. for 14 days for workers who are tested COVID-19negative and paid quarantine arrangements for those tested COVID-19 positive.

• Valid Identity document is to be produced at the Entry and Exit Gates along with the Pass generated after approval of the respective DCs.

• Skilled/Highly Skilled workers from outside the State who are willing to undergo paid quarantine need not fill this application. They may register for COVID-19 testing and obtain the auto-generated registration for testing document.

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