Meghalaya Economic Survey, 2020

For Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Individuals in MEGHALAYA

Last Date Of Registration: 30th May, 2020

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  14. MAJOR Activity of Business :
    Please choose the main activity your business is in. Examples: “Food Processing would be manufacturing, Retail Stores would be Service”

  15. Short Company Description:
    Please describe your business activities. For example your products/services sold/manufactured.

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  27. FY 2017/2018 FY 2018/2019 FY 2019/2020 FY 2020/2021(Projected)
    Annual revenue
    Profitable Business?
    Number of Full Time Employees (Including the owners)
    Number of Part Time Employees

  28. Total Investment in Company (Equipment, Plant, Machinery):
    What is the total amount you have invested in equipment, plant or machinery (excluding investments in land and building) in your business since its establishment?

  29. What Bank account do you use for your business?:
  30. Personal Bank Account
    Business Bank Account
    I do not have a Bank Account

    [if yes on above question] Business Details: Name of your business MAIN bank:
    Please specify your MAIN banks name.

  31. Does your business have a bank loan or any other loan?:
  32. Yes

    Amount of TOTAL OUTSTANDING Loans:
    If your business has a bank loan, please mention the total outstanding amount. If there is no loan please keep it at 0.

    Amount of OVERDUE Loans:
    If your business has a bank loan, please mention the amount that is currently overdue. If there is no loan or no overdue please keep it at 0.

  33. Has your business received any support from the Government during the last three years?:
    Please mark if you have received any financial (e.g. grant) or non-financial (e.g. training) from the government since 2017.
  34. Yes

    (If you chose yes in question 23 then enter the following details) Please specify the support your business has received from the government.

    Please give us details on the support you have received from the government since 2017.

    Year From State/Central Government From which Government Agency Support Details Amount Received (If Any) Short Description of Support
    Exposure Visit
    Cash Subsidy
    Exposure Visit
    Cash Subsidy
    Exposure Visit
    Cash Subsidy

  35. How severely is your business affected by the COVID-19 related economic impact?:
  36. 1 2 3 4 5
    Not Affected   Heavily Affected

  37. Expected loss in revenue due to COVID-19 in FY 2020-2021:
    What is the expected loss in revenue for this financial year due to COVID-19?

  38. Number of Employees that lost their job due to COVID-19 related economic effects.:
    How many employees did your business have to fire/lay-off due to COVID-19?

  39. Name ONE BIGGEST challenge you have due to COVID-19.:
    Please mention the single one biggest challenge your business is currently facing.

  40. Name OTHER challenges you have due to COVID-19 (Other 3 Challenges):
    Please select multiple further challenges your business is currently facing. You can also add further challenges at the "Other" field. If no support is required, please leave this question empty.
  41. Lack of Cash to Run Business
    Lack of Cash to Sustain Family
    Movement of Goods to Customers/Access to Markets
    Movement of Goods from Suppliers
    Lack of Orders/Customers
    Access to Raw Material
    Unavailability of Labors/Workers
    Fulfilling COVID-19 related regulations

  42. How much financial support do you need in the next 6 months for your business?:
    What is the financial support required for the next 6 months due to COVID-19 related economic consequences? If no support is required, please keep it at 0

  43. For what purpose do you require this financial support? :
    What are the business expenditures you would use the financial support for?
  44. Labor/Workforce
    Raw Materials/Inputs
    Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas, Waste Disposal etc.)
    Bank Loan Payback
    Transportation & Logistics
    Repair & Maintenance
    Marketing & Advertisement
    COVID-19 related expenditures
    Family Maintenance

  45. Other Remarks, Suggestions and Notes.:
    If you have any further notes, remarks, suggestions, questions or doubts, please add them here.

  46. NOTE: Please check your details carefully before you do a final Submit. You cannot edit your details anymore once you do final submit